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About Me

My name is Alex, and I am deeply passionate about creativity and purpose. I strongly believe that we are all creators by birthright, whether we realize it or not. Here’s a bit about my journey…

In my mid-20s, I underwent a profound awakening of consciousness that allowed me to tap into my creative power and potential. I began applying this newfound understanding in every aspect of my life — in my healing and transformation, in my passions and purpose, and of course, in all my relationships, while continuously growing.

I’ve traveled the world doing what I love. I’ve created successful transformational courses that have enrolled over 14,000 people with minimal resources, relying solely on my intuition. I’ve created guided meditations that have reached over 75,000 people on leading online platforms. I’ve mentored and supported beautiful souls from all around the world, both privately and in groups. I also wrote a book that is currently in the publishing process, among other things. And I feel that my journey has just began.

I share this with you not only to get to know a little bit about me and what I do, but to inspire you to believe in yourself as well! If I can do it, so can you! 

Supporting people on their journey to embrace their creative power and potential has become my greatest joy and purpose. Below you can see how I can support you!

The Art of Conscious Creating is based on these 5 Principles

Tap on each of them for further explanation

In this phase, we are exploring reality, the contrast of life, the pain, the struggle, the joy and bliss, who we are and who we are not anymore. We establish what we want and what we don’t want and that takes us to the next phase below ...

In this phase, we have explored and observed enough to spark within us a strong desire. A desire to be someone in this world, to create something. Something significant that would fulfill and inspire our lives and the life of others.

In this phase, we have our hands in the clay. We are actively creating and playing. We are immersed in our creative process and experience. We witness and enjoy (ideally) our desires and dreams coming into reality and play.

This is the phase where we are integrating everything we have created so far. We are receiving feedback. We have to be mindful not to attach to our creation(s) and identity here, as many do and get stuck.  We have to remind ourselves that we are not our creations, but the creators that continuously create.

In this last phase, you are repeating all the phases. You get to do it again and again, eternally. Each time with more satisfaction, joy and mastery. You might create something new or you might upgrade what you have created already. Your choice! 

This is how I can support you on your
conscious creating journey



Imagine a community where you’re not just supported, but celebrated for your unique creations, gifts and talents. A place where you can fully embrace your authenticity and creative potential, progressing with confidence in creating what you love with inspired action, and also share it with the world. 



Often, we give up on our creative projects and our dreams because we don’t feel confident enough to be creators. We doubt ourselves and tell ourselves “I am not good enough”. This is not true, and my absolutely free course will help you break through many limitations and activate your confidence!

People from all over the world say:

"It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I feel blessed to have manifested Alex into my experience. It is hard to find words that make justice to the space that he created to guide me during this journey, it is the kind of thing that must be experienced in order to be wholly understood. His message resonated deeply within me. His words and his presence ignited a new confidence in myself which has allowed me to reclaim the power to deliberately create the life I want to experience. After working with him, I feel confident in my ability to explore and play with the contrast, and without getting entangled in it, use it to launch new desires and birth into existence my own unique creations. Working with him reminded me that while I came here to dance with many experiences, what I most deeply desire is to embody the art of being the conscious creator of my life. All you need to do is trust that you are ready and that it is not a coincidence that you found him when you did."
Oriana Vesga
California, US
"The Creator Group has been a beautiful and powerful journey, one of the best gifts I could give myself. I received a lot of clarity and new insights. Alex put words on what I was already experiencing and seeing more clearly filled me with joy and peace. I discovered the structure of the creation process and saw my conscious creations evolve and become more colourful, playful and solid. During the coaching sessions, I was able to let go of unhelpful patterns and make room for more love, trust and harmony. I feel empowered and continue to apply in my life what I have learned and the tools I have discovered. In the group I have met wonderful persons, beautiful and deep connexions were created right away, we witnessed, held and inspired each other. It was a beautiful human journey full of love, joy and support. I feel deeply grateful for everything I have lived and received. My life continues to shift in the most powerful and magical ways."
Sigrid van Grimbergen
"Already in my first session with Alex, I had the feeling that my behavior and thought patterns have been transformed in a way that was inexplicable to me. As if my field of consciousness was getting an upgrade. Alex’s consciousness, in critical moments, steers my consciousness into a positive one. In the second session, I was able to build on all of this with him and deepen certain topics in order to transform them as well. Everything became crystal clear allowing me to develop a different mindset. Alex brought me back to lightness and my feminine and masculine energies are again in harmony and I am so much more in charge of my vibration, for which I am more than grateful to him. This is exactly what allowed deep healing and miracles to show up in my life."
Simona Wangelin
"I feel my body tingling from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, flowing through me. I become aware of my body. Alex tells me to open a gate above me to allow my higher self to come to me. The energy pouring in through the gate overwhelmed me. A thousand tingles flickered before my eyes and around my head to let me know my higher self tuned in. I feel a lot of emotions at once, everything becomes so clear. I hear my higher self saying: “you are worthy, you are loved!”. I start to talk to Alex. My higher self is speaking. After a long time feeling that I was lost, everything was finally okay again. More than okay. I become whole. I didn’t need to search for myself anymore. I’m back to my soul. Thank you for this first time experience connecting with my higher self. I needed this."
Laura Hofman
“I really needed someone who understands me and speaks my language, and that’s not so easy because in the work that I do it is not easy to find someone who understands my desires. So I found Alex and he totally resonated with me and communication with him, the patience, the work and everything that we crystalized and put together was really special. I can’t recommend enough working with him and from the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful that our paths have crossed and to work with you!
Arabella Tornow
"Working with Alex has been life changing (and I have worked with many) He facilitated the clarification and integration of my soul mission, as well as a long exploration of Galactic Lineage clearing. Being an exquisite channel, for Divine wisdom to flow through, with great clarity and Love. If you feel inspired to work with him, I would follow the call. In Love and Bliss, Isolde"
Isolde Bennett
South Africa
"During the work with Alex my whole life shifted from deep confusion to clarity, embodying my truth and being aware of what my shadow is and hot it manifests. When I learned to integrate it and speak my truth everything in my life has shifted to magical manifestations. But most of all I feel and believe how powerful I am."
Therese Lyander
"Alex led me to identifying and being able to work through a huge block in my energetic body which seems to have come from past lives and was preventing me from moving forwards in my projects and relationships. Very much recommend for your evolutionary process and mission!!"
Nick Hadfield
England, UK
“I was blown away by the work with Alex seriously. We definitely tapped into the quantum field and received great insights. I received guidance about my personal, professional life, family, of my physical health, spiritual well-being and everything. It was a holistic answer for my life on how to continue on the path. Trust your feeling, I trusted mine and I am grateful that I did. Alex is amazing."
Sven Stengel
"Alex is an extraordinary human being, he’s authentic and magically delicious! He has been more than a teacher, he’s rich within and one of the greatest teachers, the most wisest I have ever known. The creator program has change my life for the greatest good!! I am empowered even more, more stronger than I have even known to be. I’ve meet and truly engaged with other brilliant human beings with similar lessons, and issues preventing the full creation from within. Big shifts from within done. Alex shares knowledge, techniques, and meditations out of this world. I am truly grateful and thankful I participated in the Creator program. It was one of the best decisions in my life!"
Rita Willis
Califoria, US