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About Me

Ever since I was very little, I had this awareness in the background that life is so much more than what we are taught to believe. And I was about to discover what that is …

In my early 20s I had a profound awakening experience that led to years of transformation and integration, learning and embodying what it means to be a conscious creator and a multidimensional human, understanding these times that we are living in, and how to be deliberate creators of our own lives, embracing our humanity and live purposefully and intentionally. 

A big part part of my journey was to heal my heart, rewire my subconscious, get back into my body, and live intentionally and with purpose, understanding and integrating the duality, the black and white, the yin and yang, realizing that only then we are able to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and one another, and the Universal and natural laws of existence.

It has become my mission to empower others who are on a similar path, reminding them of their power, purpose and birthright as conscious creators. 

With love!

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Individual mentoring on your path of being a Conscious Creator is ideal for you if you desire the intimacy of mentoring on an 
one-on-one approach instead of group mentoring. 

Group mentoring on your path of being a Conscious Creator is ideal for you if you desire the diversity of mentoring in a group dynamic instead of individual mentoring. 

People Experiences

"Already in my first session with Alex, I had the feeling that my behavior and thought patterns have been transformed in a way that was inexplicable to me. As if my field of consciousness was getting an upgrade. Alex’s consciousness, in critical moments, steers my consciousness into a positive one. In the second session, I was able to build on all of this with him and deepen certain topics in order to transform them as well. Everything became crystal clear allowing me to develop a different mindset. Alex brought me back to lightness and my feminine and masculine energies are again in harmony and I am so much more in charge of my vibration, for which I am more than grateful to him. This is exactly what allowed deep healing and miracles to show up in my life."
Simona Wangelin, Germany
Private Mentoring
"I feel my body tingling from the tip of my toes to the top of my head, flowing through me. I become aware of my body. Alex tells me to open a gate above me to allow my higher self to come to me. The energy pouring in through the gate overwhelmed me. A thousand tingles flickered before my eyes and around my head to let me know my higher self tuned in. I feel a lot of emotions at once, everything becomes so clear. I hear my higher self saying: “you are worthy, you are loved!”. I start to talk to Alex. My higher self is speaking. After a long time feeling that I was lost, everything was finally okay again. More than okay. I become whole. I didn’t need to search for myself anymore. I’m back to my soul. Thank you for this first time experience connecting with my higher self. I needed this."
Laura Hofman, Nederlands
Private Mentoring
“I really needed someone who understands me and speaks my language, and that’s not so easy because in the work that I do it is not easy to find someone who understands my desires. So I found Alex and he totally resonated with me and communication with him, the patience, the work and everything that we crystalized and put together was really special. I can’t recommend enough working with him and from the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful that our paths have crossed and to work with you!
Arabella Tornow, Germany
New Earth Mission program
"Working with Alex has been life changing (and I have worked with many) He facilitated the clarification and integration of my soul mission, as well as a long exploration of Galactic Lineage clearing. Being an exquisite channel, for Divine wisdom to flow through, with great clarity and Love. If you feel inspired to work with him, I would follow the call. In Love and Bliss, Isolde"
Isolde Bennett, South Africa
New Earth Mission Program
"During the work with Alex my whole life shifted from deep confusion to clarity, embodying my truth and being aware of what my shadow is and hot it manifests. When I learned to integrate it and speak my truth everything in my life has shifted to magical manifestations. But most of all I feel and believe how powerful I am."
Therese Lyander, Sweden
Private Mentoring
"Alex led me to identifying and being able to work through a huge block in my energetic body which seems to have come from past lives and was preventing me from moving forwards in my projects and relationships. Very much recommend for your evolutionary process and mission!!"
Nick Hadfield, UK
Private Mentoring