Audio Courses

Here are all my premium audio courses

Master the Art of Being a Conscious Creator (FREE)

This is a theoretical and practical 5-Day audio course that will bring clarity to the question: “How do I consciously create?” and help you integrate and embody more your birthright as a Conscious Creator. Enjoy! 

How to Transition to Raw Vegan

This is a theoretical and practical 5-Day audio course inspired by my direct experience and transformational journey with food, health, and well-being in general, guiding you to transition to a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. Enjoy! 

The Divine Union Course

This theoretical and practical 7-day audio course guides you to be in Divine Union within, and therefore without, and integrate the Divine Union dynamic and template, attracting your soul partner. Enjoy!

Integrate & Embody Your 5D Consciousness

This 7-day audio course is focused on helping you understand your multidimensional essence, and teaching you how to heal, integrate, and embody more into the Fifth Dimension, and as well, is designed to help you understand what the dimensions of consciousness are and what the New Earth is. Enjoy!

Discover your Soul purpose

This is a 7-day audio course, with each lesson between 10 and 15 minutes, perfect for you to listen as you go with your day or when you are relaxing or enjoying a tea. The audio course includes both a theoretical and practical part. You can begin with the first lesson and see if it is what you want! Enjoy