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Support & Empowerment Community for creators, leaders, teachers, coaches, visionaries, artists & healers. 

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What is Creator Community and what's our Mission?

The Creator Community is a month-by-month online membership group facilitated by Alex. It is designed to support, guide & empower creators, visionaries, leaders, teachers, mentors, coaches, artists, healers and people on the leading edge of consciousness evolution to elevate their creative power, embody their genius, their confidence in themselves, to grow through their challenges and take their life and mission to a whole new level.

We do this in 4 highly efficient and authentic ways

✅ Through presence, connection, reflection, activations, teachings and coaching, designed to inspire and empower you to elevate your creativity and grow through your current challenges, no matter how big they seem.

✅ Through accountability, highly efficient tools, structures and practices designed uniquely for your needs and to progress harmoniously, building creative momentum and success in all areas of your life.

✅ Through the healing power of being seen, held, heard and loved by a supportive and intentional community of people who are here to dream big and impact the world in a positive and powerful way.

✅ Through direct support in areas like marketing (online & offline), branding, business, social media and content creation so that your message is understood and you can attract your people and tribe. 

What's included monthly in the Creator Community


Bi-monthly group video calls with leading-edge teachings, activations, Q&A's & hot-seat coaching, empowering you to be in your creative genius and grow through whatever challenges you.


Be part of an exclusive and intimate online community of beautiful Souls on a similar journey with you, where you will feel at home, inspired, seen and valued for who you are.


Accountability, life-changing tools, practices and structures designed uniquely for your needs, meant for you to create breakthroughs, clarity, discipline and creative momentum.


Get 24/7 support and empowerment in between meetings sharing your celebrations, breakthroughs, challenges or questions through our dedicated group chat + receive all the recordings from the previous meetings and my new book as gift.

Creators say:

"The Creator Community is the most powerfully honest space I have ever been a part of, and also the most accepting and caring which is how such totally authentic being and expression can take place in a group. There is such incredible power in this high level of connection with others and Alex is such a loving energetic force of aliveness, intuitiveness, and deep wisdom that I found myself transformed very quickly into my true creator self. I am now actively stepping out into the world and into my true purpose of teaching mindfulness to young people in my own community. I wish that everyone could have this experience. I experienced a profound shift of both healing and vision, soo amazing!!!"
Peggy Johnson
"It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and I feel blessed to have manifested Alex into my experience. It is hard to find words that make justice to the space that he created to guide me during this journey, it is the kind of thing that must be experienced in order to be wholly understood. His message resonated deeply within me. His words and his presence ignited a new confidence in myself which has allowed me to reclaim the power to deliberately create the life I want to experience. While working with him, I felt confident in my ability to explore and play with the contrast, and without getting entangled in it, use it to launch new desires and birth into existence my own unique creations. Working with him reminded me that while I came here to dance with many experiences, what I most deeply desire is to embody the art of being the conscious creator of my life. All you need to do is trust that you are ready and that it is not a coincidence that you found him when you did."
Oriana Vesga
California, US
"The Creator Group has been a beautiful and powerful journey, one of the best gifts I could give myself. I received a lot of clarity and new insights. Alex put words on what I was already experiencing and seeing more clearly filled me with joy and peace. I discovered the structure of the creation process and saw my conscious creations evolve and become more colourful, playful and solid. During the coaching sessions, I was able to let go of unhelpful patterns and make room for more love, trust and harmony. I feel empowered and continue to apply in my life what I have learned and the tools I have discovered. In the group I have met wonderful persons, beautiful and deep connexions were created right away, we witnessed, held and inspired each other. It was a beautiful human journey full of love, joy and support. I feel deeply grateful for everything I have lived and received. My life continues to shift in the most powerful and magical ways."
Sigrid van Grimbergen
"Alex is an extraordinary human being, he’s authentic and magically delicious! He has been more than a teacher, he’s rich within and one of the greatest teachers, the most wisest I have ever known. The creator program has change my life for the greatest good!! I am empowered even more, more stronger than I have even known to be. I’ve meet and truly engaged with other brilliant human beings with similar lessons, and issues preventing the full creation from within. Big shifts from within done. Alex shares knowledge, techniques, and meditations out of this world. I am truly grateful and thankful I participated in the Creator program. It was one of the best decisions in my life!"
Rita Willis
California, US

Frequently asked questions

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Very simple. If you have the desire to embody your genius, your confidence in yourself and take your creativity, life and mission on a new level, the Creator Community is definitely for you!

  • CREATOR COMMUNITY is a monthly based membership community that runs unlimited into the future. 
  • There would be 2 group video call every month (between 60 and 90 minutes) with Alex where you receive powerful teachings, activations, Q&A’s and coaching in a hot-seat format addressing your challenges and empowering you in your creations. 
  • You would have access to the recording of every meeting. If you miss a meeting or can’t attend, don’t worry, you can still receive coaching that week from Alex through the chat group where you have access to 24/7.
  • There is no fixed contract, and you can keep your subscription as long as you consider that you receive value. To cancel your subscription is easy, no questions asked. 
  • There are 2 different investment plans that you can choose. One is for 3 months, and the other is month-to-month.

Every second Saturday starting from the 5th of August, at 11:00 am (CST, Costa Rica). 

You can use THIS time zone converter to check if it aligns well with your schedule. Simply add your location to check what would be the time on your end. 

Yes of course! That is actually very encouraged. You can offer your services, and co-create with anyone you align with in the community. 

Amazing! Congratulations! Simply click the button below and book a short clarity call with Alex to see if “The Creator Community” is the right fit for you. 

Are you ready to join?

Pick the payment plan that suits you best at the moment. After the payment you would be redirected to join our WhatsApp Group and we take it from there. If you have any questions, please send an email at:


Recommended for those of you who desire support & empowerment but want to take it month-by-month

$ 111 / month
  • Between 2-3 group video calls month by month
  • Creativity activations & Breakthrough Coaching
  • Efficient tools that build your creative momentum
  • Access to all the recordings of the previous meetings
  • 24/7 WhatsApp chat de grup
  • BONUS 1: 15% OFF for my private mentoring program and courses
  • BONUS 2: Receive my book as a gift


Recommended for those of you that know you are desiring longer term support & empowerment

$ 283 / 3-month ($50 OFF)
  • Between 6-9 group video calls in a period of 3-months
  • Creativity activations & Breakthrough Coaching
  • Efficient tools that build your creative momentum
  • Access to all the recordings of the previous meetings
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Group Chat Support
  • BONUS 1: 15% OFF for my private mentoring program and courses
  • BONUS 2: Receive my book as a gift
  • BONUS 3: Save directly $50


Recommended for those who desire both the community support and to dive deeper in private with me

$ 499 / month ($112 OFF)
  • Between 2-3 group video calls month by month
  • 1 Private session per month with me
  • Creativity activations & Breakthrough Coaching
  • Efficient tools that build your creative momentum
  • Access to all the recordings of the previous meetings
  • 24/7 WhatsApp Group Chat Support
  • BONUS 1: 30% OFF for my courses
  • BONUS 2: Receive my book as a gift
  • BONUS 3: Save directly $112

Timeline with our online meetings for 2023

August Meetings
2 Meetings
  • 5th of August, at 11 am CST
  • 19th of August, at 11 am CST
September Meetings
3 Meetings
  • 2nd of September, at 11 am CST
  • 16h of September, at 11 am CST
  • 30th of September, at 11 am CST
October Meetings
2 Meetings
  • 14th of October, at 11 am CST
  • 28th of October, at 11 am CST
November Meetings
2 Meetings
  • 11th of November, at 11 am CST
  • 25th of November, at 11 am CST
December Meetings
2 Meetings
  • 9th of December, at 11 am CST
  • 23rd of December, at 11 am CST