Starting 14th of JANUARY 2023


Master the art of being a Conscious Creator!

I invite you to be truly honest with yourself …

Do you feel challenged to believe in your desires, in your creations, in your purpose and mission, and living your best life?

Maybe you want to write a book, to release a music album, to build a wellness center, to become a mentor or a teacher for others, to attract your dream partner in your life, or simply to be more in alignment with your creator power … but you feel unworthy, tired, confused, sabotaging, doubting and questioning yourself.

There’s no shame and no judgment whatsoever if you do, I’ve been there myself, many times. That’s precisely the reason why I decided to create this program, to help you move through it and master your birthright to be a Conscious Creator. 

My question to you is, are you ready to bridge the gap and be in your creator power?

What is the CREATOR program?

The CREATOR program is here to help you master your birthright as being a Conscious Creator and bring your purpose, your mission, your creations, and your visions to life.

The CREATOR program is here to help you access and embody your power, transform and grow, move through your blockages and challenges (if you have), rewire your subconscious, keep you accountable and truly master the art of being a Conscious Creator, while having fun and enjoying the journey! If it’s not fun, what’s the point, right? 

For 3 months, you will be part of an intimate and high vibe soul family group, where we meet in video calls weekly, and stay connected 24/7, empowering you with leading-edge teachings and practices, mastering the art of conscious creating in the most supportive and genuine way!

What you receive


We meet every week for 3 months in a video meeting, where I guide you to master the art of being a powerful Conscious Creator, align with your mission, birth your creations and live the life that you deserve to live.


Leading-edge mentoring, practices, accountability, clarity, reflections, confidence building, breakthroughs, subconscious reprogramming, integrations, Soul activations and meditations, and consistent growth.


We connect from the depth of our Souls and we stay connected through a WhatsApp group throughout the entire 3 months, for further accountability, empowerment, reflections, celebration, breakthroughs, and full support.

How does it work and what is required from you?

  1. First of all, you have to feel that you really desire support and empowerment to be in your power as a Conscious Creator. If you don’t desire this, then this would NOT be for you! If you do, then get ready to align with your birthright and quantum leap!
  2. Second, you have to bring your raw authentic Self into the container! Even if you are shy, terrified, or you don’t know what that is. It doesn’t matter. Just be fully honest about it and open, and you will access it. 
  3. You book a call with me, share your vision and we both feel if the CREATOR program is a good fit for you, and if it is, welcome to the team! I take you further from there, leading you closer each time into your beautiful essence and power and what you envision for yourself. 

If you for whatever reason, cannot show up in all meetings, no worries. You would receive the recording and have the chance to be coached directly in the WhatsApp group regardless! You are 100% supported in this, 24/7. No one is left behind!

When does it start?

It starts on the 14th of January 2023, which is on a Saturday, and continues every Saturday for 3 months. The perfect time to step into 2023 in the most powerful way! I also find Saturdays to be a perfect time for most people. If the whole group decides to change the date, we can!

Are you ready? Then book a Clarity Call below to see if it’s a match for you. It would be an intimate group, meaning a limited number of participants, so book your spot as soon as possible if you feel this is for you!

What do people experience
when they co-create with me

“I really needed someone who understands me and speaks my language, because in the work that I do, it is not easy to find someone who understands my desires. So I found Alex and he totally resonated with me and communication with him, the patience, the work and everything that we crystalized and put together was really special.
Arabella Tornow
Intuitive Guide and Mentor
"During the work I had with Alex my whole life shifted from deep confusion to clarity, embodying my truth and being aware of what my shadow is and how it manifests. When I learned to integrate it and speak my truth everything in my life has shifted to magical manifestations. But most of all I feel and believe how powerful I am."
Therese Lyander.
Artist and Creator
“I was blown away by the work with Alex seriously. We definitely tapped into the quantum field and received great insights. I received guidance about my personal, professional life, family, of my physical health, spiritual well-being and everything. It was a holistic answer for my life on how to continue on the path. Trust your feeling, I trusted mine and I am grateful that I did. Alex is amazing."
Sven Stengel
Well-being Coach

Apply now

We are open for registration and there are limited spots available for this program to maintain the intimate group energy. Book a Clarity Call now to see if it is a good fit for you. If it is, you are in!