Private Mentoring

Why choose private mentoring?

Private mentoring is a good fit for you if you desire high-level, sustained and integrated results, empowering your unique Soul mission and evolutionary journey in a private and confidential dynamic, just the two of us.

You will receive mentoring and support, taking you from where you are and guiding you to where you envision yourself to be.

A session is 60 minutes and we can meet 2 times per month, or up to 4 times per month, depending on your desires. 

In between sessions we can connect through text/voice messages if you have breakthroughs, questions and share your processes. 

To ensure integrated and sustained results, private mentoring is offered for a minimum of 3 months, and up to 12 months. 

In order to find out if this is a good fit for us, we will have a clarity call first.

I am excited to get to know you, your challenges and desires! 

Below are the areas that I am specialized in that I can support you best! 

This is how I can support you

4D & 5D Consciousness Embodiment

Access and embody the higher dimensions from within you and learn how to navigate multidimensionality and access your creative power from your highest timeline available.

New Earth Mission empowerment & support

Gain clairty and build confidence on your Soul Mission, creating the online presence that represents who you are and what you love doing, attracting your tribe and living your dream life. ​

Divine Union templates integration

Receive clarity on the inner/outer Divine Union journey and activate your templates of Divine Union so that you can magnetize your ideal soul mate partner in your life. ​

Multidimensional Alignment & Calibration

Purifying, aligning, integrating and harmonizing all aspect of yourself. Your Physical Body, your Masculine aspect, your Feminine aspect, your Subconscious and your Light Body.

Subconscious & DNA reprograming

Activate, upgrade and rewire your DNA and subconscious, in order to be in charge of your own life and what you attract and create in your reality from this moment forward.

Duality Integration & Harmonization

End the battle within by embodying and mastering the duality principle in the Creation. Doing so is the only way that allows us to experience an integrated non-dual reality.

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