Thanks for joining the next gathering!

Do not close this page until you saved the below links for the next meeting!

Here's what you need to know further

Here are the main guidelines for the meeting (links for the meeting below)

1. Be fully yourself, and be on time. Share what is alive for you at the moment.
2. Every brother in the gathering has approx. 10 minutes to share and receive reflections/support depending on the number of participants.
3. The meeting would be around 90 minutes depending on the number of participants. 
4. Keep your video on during the meeting (unless you have a good reason not to) 
5. Keep your mic muted, unless you are speaking, to avoid unnecessary noise pollution in the meeting. 
6. Use the “Raise hand” button when you want to share a reflection with someone. 
7. Have water or a drink around you. 
8. If you have to leave during the meeting, let us know in the beginning, so that we can prioritize your sharing. 
9. If you have any questions prior to or after the meeting, share them in the WhatsApp Group.
10. Thank you and looking forward to connect!

VERY IMORTANT! Make sure you save the link below and/or add it to your Google Calendar before you close this page!
If you experience any difficulties text me on WhatsApp or send an email at:

See you soon! 
Alex, Remus & Kevin